At Porthos Home, we understand the apprehensions with buying furniture online, that's why we work closely with our designers to ensure each piece has the quality, craft, and staying power to complete your home. We're dedicated to sourcing the very best pieces at the very best prices.

At Porthos Home, we belive in a quality over quantity approach to stylish furniture. By committing ourselves to beautiful designs through meticulous detail, we are able to curate products that fit comfortably and atylishly into out audience's daily life.

The Home is an extension of the occupant, and their furniture is an expression of their spirit. Therefore, the forefront of our mission is to provide our client's with the proper canvas to express themselves within their personal space.

From mid-century modern to industrial, living room to bedroom, indoors to outdoors, explore with us to see the true extent of inspirational furnishing.

"Porthos Home: Design, Simplified."